It is important for you as a consumer to know "before and after" stages of online transactions to ensure you have a successful e-Commerce experience. The Ministry of Transport & Communications in Qatar provides you with your rights as a consumer at every stage of your online transaction.

 Stage #1 - Browsing for and Selecting an Online Product

Merchants are obliged to provide information on the points below to consumers before they make a purchase online. Merchant information. (name, address, … etc.)

  • A clear description of the goods / services
  • Price and whether it is inclusive of tax and delivery costs
  • Arrangements regarding payment and delivery
  • The validity of the offer and price
  • The consumer’s right to cancel the transaction
  • Personal / transactional data retention, usage and access

Stage #2 – Placing an Order Online

When placing your online order, the merchant must provide you with:

  • An appropriate and accessible way to review your order and identify / correct any errors
  • An acknowledgement / receipt of the order without undue delay, using appropriate electronic communications

Stage #3 – Cooling Off Period

In the absence of a prior agreement, you are entitled to change your mind / cancel your online order, within 3 days of placing it, as long as the product or service has not been delivered or used.

Stage #4 – Delivery of the Product

Unless you and the merchant agree to a particular delivery period, you are entitled to cancel your order at any point after 30 days of placing it, and receive a full refund. You are also:

  • Not obliged to pay for any orders placed and not delivered
  • Not obliged to pay the return fees of any products delivered to you by mistake
  • Entitled to free replacement or repair of defective products which do not match the specifications originally provided by the merchant

Name of Source: Ministry of Transport & Communication

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