Food Preparation

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Compact multi grill

Severin KG2393 Compact Multi Grill with a Stylish Aubergine Finish, Perfect For Meat, Poultry and Panini's

Crepes maker

Output: 1000 W

Deep fryer

Capacity / Content: ca. 2,5 Liter
Output: approx. 1800 W

Deep Fryer - 1800W

When you are throwing a big party or planning a dinner for a bigger number of people you can include serving home-made frites, onion rings, chicken nuggets or coated vegetables. The AD4906 deep fryer that has a capacity of 2.5l is perfect when preparing such deep-fried meals or additives for a number of people.

Egg Boiler Aluminium

Power: 400 watts
Operating voltage: 220 volts

Egg boiler black- red

Capacity / Content: 1 - 6 Eier
Output: 400 W

Egg boiler black-grey(1-6pcs)

Capacity / Content: 1 - 6 Eier
Output: 400 W

Egg boiler Start(1-3pcs)

Capacity / Content: 1 - 3 Eier
Output: 300 W

Electonic Kitchen Scale

Capacity / Content: Wägebereich bis 5,3 kg

Electric cool box

Cool Box internal volume of 25 liters, suitable for 4x1.5l bottles,

Electric slicer

Output: approx. 180 W

Fondue chrome-black

Capacity / Content: 1,25 Liter
Output: 800 W

Food processor

A multi-functional tool that can prove to be useful in the kitchen. The CR4209 food processor is powerful, stable and practical. Planetary movements of the Stirling tools, six power levels and a TURBO function will allow you to whisk or mix the ingredients. The subsequent ones can be added thanks to the device’s large chute. You can prepare even large portions of food or a substantial cake thanks to the removable bowl made of stainless steel that has a capacity of 5 liters. During the food processing you can turn on the highest speed – the device will remain stable due to the suction cups.

Food slicer

Multifunctional electric food slicer that is easy to clean makes it much faster to prepare salads and home-made meals. It has as much as 5 exchangeable blade inserts. Due to that it works perfectly when you need to pulverize potatoes to prepare potato pancakes, slicing cucumbers and preparing fruit mousse. All the blades are made of stainless steel of the highest quality and the whole device was designed in such a way that makes it convenient to use and infallible. It also has a unique design. This way the slicer attracts attention and lures you into preparing a healthy vegetable meal.

Grill with stone

Power: 1400 W / Control: mechanical / Material: high-quality plastic / Overall surface dimensions: 49x25 cm / Thermostat / Natural stone

Hot plate

The one-ring electric stove can serve as the mini-kitchen equipment. It can be used to heat-up or prepare a meal that does not require the use of two pots or frying pans. It may be considered to serve as a back-up cooker when your main stove is inaccessible or out-of-order, however, it can be also treated as a permanent piece of equipment in a summerhouse, small kitchen (in which a full-sized cooker would not fit), rented room etc.

Ice cream maker - 135 W

The Ice Cream Maker is an exceptional device for all those people who enjoy cool things. Thanks to an being equipped with an aggregate and a compressor the Ice Cream Maker can operate independently. You no longer have to worry about the lack of space in your freezer.

Ice cream maker - 5 Watts

Capacity: 1 litres
Power / Wattage: 5 watts

Induction cooker

High energy efficiency
Power 1500W

Kitchen scale

An electronic kitchen scale that has a maximal capacity of 5kg and the accuracy of 1 g. It is incredibly useful when one prepares a dish that require very strictly defined proportions of the products. It allows to precisely define the quantity of even really small items. It also answers the needs of those people who wish to verify the magnitude of their meals, for example because of health issues. Thanks to its small size the kitchen scale is easy to store and to be moved from one place to another. It has an option to choose to turn it off automatically or manually and is equipped with a very legible screen.

Meat Grinder

A solid device for those who wish to prepare home made sausages and ground meat. It is equipped with three cutting sieves (exchangeable): one to mince meat, the second for poppy seeds, the third one has the middle-sized holes. In the set a plunger and sausage filler are also included. The whole device is made of durable materials that are easy to be disassembled and cleaned.The mincer is rated at 800W (with the maximum power of 2000W). Due to that fact it provides the possibility to grind food without the operator´s effort. It also has a "pulse" function.

Mini Deep Fryer with Fondue

Capacity / Content: ca. 950 ml
Output: 840 W

Multi cooker

Severin Multi Cooker MC2448

Multi grater

Output: approx. 200 W