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Glass Carafee 0.5 L

Everything in the flow - the multiple award-winning flowMotion design carafe is always a breath of fresh air with its unique nature. The premium carafe made of solid borosilicate glass is quite impressive with its innovative flipMatic lid and automated 360° pouring function. The AromaSafe principle upholds the most important aspect of all - delightful taste all around. Its lean design allows it to be stored easily in any common refrigerator. The uncomplicated handling, the detachable lid and the dishwasher safe materials promise true ease of use. To guarantee years of healthy indulgence, like all other alfi products, flowMotion is produced with absolutely no toxins whatsoever.
280 QAR

Glass Tea Pot 1L

Teapot with body made of heat-resistant glass. An infuser, also in glass, is designed to hold the loose tea leaves and allows enough space for even brewing. What’s more, it keeps tea leaves inside the pot and out of your cup. Control the brewing process thanks to the clear glass. Easy to clean, simple to use.
125 QAR

Set Glass Motion 290ml

Whether hot drink or cool refreshment ?? Connoisseurs always have everything under control with the handmade premium insulating glass Glassmotion. Glassmotion is available in sets of 2 in different sizes. As an alfi original, it impresses with its insulating performance. The stable and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass allows easy cleaning in the dishwasher. At the same time, the AromaSafe principle preserves the most important thing - pleasure in all its facets. To ensure lasting healthy enjoyment, glassmotion, like every alfi product, is free of all kinds of pollutants.
155 QAR

Tea Carafe

Pour hot water in to the heat-resistant carafe, fill the tubular infuser with loose leaves to prepare a delicious carafe of tea. Simply stir to enhance the taste. Thanks to the fine filter, tealeaves stay in the carafe and not in the cup.
260 QAR

Thermal mug

A perfect solution when you want to enjoy your hot tea or coffee while being on a hiking trip, going to work, eating your lunch out of home and even when you are watching a movie or reading a book and you do not want to miss anything and, at the same time, have something hot to drink or to enjoy a cool beverage during a hot summer day. The CR 6696 thermal mug is made of high quality INOX steel in a plastic body. Thanks to that fact it is easy to clean and it maintains the beverage temperature for up to eight hours (that is for both hot and cold liquids). Its large opening makes filling the mug really easy.
17 QAR


A very practical thermos of a capacity of 0.5l – perfect for a picnic for two or for a longer evening or time for work when you would like to have a hot or cold beverage next to you instead of refilling your tea, coffee or juice all the time. The thermos was made with care for its high quality. Its body and interior were produced of high quality INOX steel. This guarantees not only its endurance, but also makes the thermos easy to clean. What is more, it maintains the temperature of the beverage for a long time – you can enjoy your hot tea or cold lemonade for up to eight hours. The thermos’ large opening facilitates its filling and the automatic stopper prevents the beverage from spilling.
27 QAR


Glass jar, with air-tight wooden lid, to keep ingredients fresh. Available in four different sizes. The products of the Trattoria range make it possible to create ever new combinations and configurations, to furnish your table in a personal and elegant manner.
210 QAR

Travel mug

When going to work or on a hiking trip, a mug of hot tea or coffee may make your day much better. If a vacuum flask is too big, you can provide yourself with your favourite beverage by taking a travel mug with you. The CR 6695 electric travel mug comes especially handy when you are on a road trip or you travel by car to the point of your destination: it is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter socket. The mug maintains the temperature of the liquid inside for a long time, due to the fact that it’s body and interior are made of high quality INOX steel and its interior walls are made of plastic. It is also really easy to clean.
24 QAR

Water Carafe

Water and other drinks, always at their best in this carafe. Even when infused water is a favourite, go ahead and prepare naturally flavoured water with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. The mechanism opens when pouring and allows the water to flow into a glass but all other elements stay in the carafe.
260 QAR

Stainless Steel Milk Container

The elegantly shaped, stainless steel vacuum milk container is a practical addition for all lovers of milk specialities.
390 QAR

Teapot With Strainer (black)

Is it a tea kettle doubling as a tea pot or is it the other way round? The answer is - both. Simply heat water on any type of stovetop, then add tea leaves to the strainer and enjoy your tea straight from the stove top to the table. The removable strainer in the pot keeps drinks free of tea leaves. This tea pot holds 1 litre.
360 QAR


The chromed thermal carafe keeps drinks at their temperature for hours (12 hours hot and 24hours cold),thanks to the double-walled vacuum tempered glass. It is easy to use: press slightly on the lid to open and safely and accurately pour your beverage.
905 QAR

Glass Teapot With Ss Infuser

Teapot with body made of heat-resistant glass. The 18/10 stainless steel fine mesh infuser is designed to hold the loose tea leaves and allows enough space for even brewing. A plunger inside the infuser gets the most of the aroma and flavour and the fine mesh filter keeps tea leaves out of your cup. Control the brewing process thanks to the clear glass. Easy to clean, simple to use.
210 QAR