Qatari Hollandi

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Charming Roses

An appealing bouquet of pink Spray Roses and white Misty Bubble Roses companied with charming white Statice, pink Estoma and Green Bell flowers. Eucalyptus and Erica leaves complete the whole.
250 QAR

Enchanting Blooms

A stylish bouquet of light purple Misty Bubble Roses, purple Startis, white Aster, purple Estoma, Eucalyptus and enchanted with bluish purple Eryngium.
250 QAR

Enticing Orange Roses

Spiritual Orange (Circus) Roses bouquet perfectly combined with Green Bell, yellow Salidogo, white Statice flowers and Eucalyptus leaves.
85 QAR

Floral Retreat

Bunch red , yellow , pink roses with white statis and bit of green leaves in a beautiful wrap with Rafia Ties
230 QAR

Mezmerizing Season Flowers Bouquet

Flourishing bundle of pink Roses, white and pink Estoma, light purple Statice, amazing bluish purple Eryngeum and Green Bell flowers which are finished with some Eucalyptus leaves.
200 QAR

Overflowing with Elegance

An elegant bouquet of pink Roses brightened up with purple Statice, purple and white Wax flower, Green bell flowers and Song of Jamaica leaves.
200 QAR

Wondrous Romantic

A classic mix of red and white Roses enriched with white Statice, Green bell and Gypso flowers. Eucalyptus and Erica leaves are joining these classical flowers.
120 QAR