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Air Fryer

hot-air technology for health-conscious deep-frying, cooking, pan-frying and baking, WITHOUT addition of oil or fat innovative hot-air technology for shorter cooking times
583 QAR

Automatic grill stainless-steel

Output: 1800 W
465 QAR

Automatic toaster select black

Output: approx. 800 W
146 QAR

Automatic toaster white

Material: Plastic
Watts: 800 w.
120 QAR

Automatic Toasters purple

850 W purple-black
185 QAR

Automatic Toasters with sandwich tongs

The Severin toaster is equipped with two sandwich bars, with which you can prepare two delicious crispy sandwiches at the same time.
185 QAR

Barbecue grill - 2500 W

Capacity / Content: 1066 cm²
Output: approx. 2500 W
230 QAR

Barbecue grill 1100 W

Electric grinder severin rg 2681 in black with a power of about 1100 W. The housing is made of resistant plastic. Grill plate coated with a non-stick coating for grilled products. It has a switch with a control lamp.
230 QAR

Barbecue grill 851cm

CAPACITY: approximately 851 cm
219 QAR

Barbecue Grill with stand

Capacity / Content: ca. 851 cm²
Output: 2300 W
277 QAR

Blender black-silver

Capacity / Content: ca. 1,5 Liter
Output: approx. 550 W
197 QAR

Blender white-grey

Capacity / Content: 1.5 Liter
Output: approx. 400 W
160 QAR

Blender with mill

Severin Multi-Mixer Plus Food Chopper, 500 W, Brushed Stainless Steel/Black
221 QAR

Breadmaker 600 W

Capacity / Content: ca. 750 - 1000 g
Output: 600 W
399 QAR

Can opener

Output: approx. 25 W
88 QAR

Coffee grinder

Output: 150 W
417 QAR

Coffee maker red-grey

Capacity: approx. 10 cups
Power: 1000 W
125 QAR

Coffee maker white-grey

Capacity: approx. 10 cups
Power: 1000 W
125 QAR

Coffee maker with grinder

Capacity / Content: for 10 cups
Output: 1000 W
750 QAR

Coffee Maker with timer

Capacity / Content: for 10 cups
Output: 1000 W
195 QAR

Compact multi grill

Severin KG2393 Compact Multi Grill with a Stylish Aubergine Finish, Perfect For Meat, Poultry and Panini's
112 QAR

Crepes maker

Output: 1000 W
199 QAR

Deep fryer

Capacity / Content: ca. 2,5 Liter
Output: approx. 1800 W
245 QAR

Dry steam mop

Severin Steam Cleaners are quickly and with no effort ready for use, and can be refilled without waiting time. The high-temperature dry steam cleans all types of sealed hard floors hygienically with damp mist. The microfibre cleaning cloths are fixed by a Velcro fastener and are machine-washable. This ensures that cleaning with steam is always hygienically clean.
399 QAR